ZagFunding Project Application

The offices of Student Involvement and University Advancement are excited to hear of your interest in utilizing crowdfunding and are happy to support you in any way that we can. To start, please provide thoughtful answers to the application below.

Please keep in mind that once selected, successful projects are outcome based and mission driven, and have a team of dedicated individuals putting in the time to yield fundraising results. 

Your Information
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Your role in applying organization:
Have you had experience with crowdfunding before?
Specify your affiliation to the university.
Your Organization
What type of organization are you applying for?
What is the name of your organization, sport, program, or event?
How many active members are there in your organization, sport, program, or event?
Do you have a video for your organization, sport, program, or event? If so, please upload a link.

This link will be used to embed a video of your organization, sport, program, or event on your crowdfunding site. If you do not have a video, please include and upload links to photos of your organization, sport, program, or event for potential donors to see as they donate on your crowdfunding site.
Your advisor's name and affiliation with the university.
Your advisor's email.
Write a short summary of your organization, sport, program, or event.

Please write a short paragraph that overviews your organization, sport, program, or event. What do you do? How do you do it? Who is involved and impacted? Why do you do it? This will be used as a description of your club (NOT your specific fundraiser) on your crowdfunding page, please keep it brief.
Your Fundraiser
What is your fundraising goal? Please note that a successful project goal is usually around $5,000.00
Please write and upload one or two paragraphs describing what you are fundraising for.

Please be both detailed and brief. Describe what specifically you are raising money on the crowdfunding site for. This will be used on your crowdfunding page as an explanation of the fundraiser so be sure to include all important and relevant information. What are you doing? Who is involved? What will be the impact of the funds raised?
When are you hoping to launch your crowdfunding website and campaign?
When do you need to raise the funds by?
How many members from your organization, sport, program, or event are you expecting to fundraise on behalf of this campaign?
Please provide 5-6 names and email addresses of students who will take leadership as "ambassadors" in this crowdfunding campaign.
Please provide the names of any individual or groups of alumni, GU clubs that would have an affinity for the objective of this project. 
Do you intend to offer any incentives to donors? If so please provide a detailed explanation of what you will be offering and at what giving levels? (For example: T-shirts to donors that give at least $50).
Does your organization, sport, program, or event have any outside sponsors? If so, who are they?

We will reach out to you with confirmation and your next steps within the next week. In the meantime, feel free to browse through the other Gonzaga University ZagFunding pages to begin brainstorming ideas on how to best utilize yours.

If you have any questions please contact