Wall Request Form

Wall Request Form

The Gonzaga Student Body Association is excited to offer sections of The Wall for advertisement on campus. The Wall is one of the most effective and popular advertising methods on campus. It is available to both campus Clubs and Organizations as well as community members. There is a small cost of $5 for Gonzaga clubs and University departments, and $10 for community members. This minimal fee helps offset the cost of supplies and staff to upkeep the wall. 
Who are you ordering the wall advertisement for? 
Tips before you reserve:

Tip #1 - Whitewash and Painting: Reservees must whitewash over the previous message before you can spray paint.

Tip #2Payment Method:

  • Non-Gonzaga community members must pay through a Cashnet link. 
  • Gonzaga departments pay through a journal entry.
  • Student clubs recieve their first 3 wall reservations free each year. All subsequent reservations are paid through a journal entry.

Tip #3 - Weeklong Reservations: All reservations made must be made on a week by week (Sunday - Saturday) basis and for the entirety of the week.